2018 Panels: 

Media and Communications Panel

Meet a panel of women who have succeeded in the fields of media and communications. Attendees will learn about the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of Latina women in the media industry.

Paola Ramos, Political Strategist and Former Deputy Director of Hispanic Media for Hillary for America,  Cynthia Lopez, Former Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment ,  Natasha del Toro,  Correspondent for Fusion's The Naked Truth and Host of PBS's America Reframed.

Business and Entrepreneurship Panel

Meet a panel of successful Latina women who have succeeded in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in business or are simply exploring your options, attendees will gain invaluable skills applicable to a career in any field.

Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Google, Betty Francisco, General Counsel, Compass Working Capital, CEO and Founder, FitNation Ventures, Inc., Co-Founder, Latina Circle, Susana G. Baumann, Editor-in-Chief, LatinasinBusiness.us, Roxanna Sarmiento, COO of #WeAllGrow Latina. 

Law and Public Policy Panel

Learn from a panel of distinguished women about careers in law, public service and nonprofit work. Attendees will be motivated to pursue careers that generate a lasting impact on the people around them.

Judith García, City Councillor for District 5 Chelsea, MA, Cristina Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer at Staples, Inc., Sonia Chang-Diaz, Massachusetts State Senator.

STEM Panel

STEM Panel

Panelists will provide an introduction to the ever-growing fields of tech and STEM while offering guidance to those who wish to pursue a career in fields with extremely high underrepresentation.

Lillian “Lee” Llambelis, Deputy Commissioner for Community Partnerships and STEAM Initiatives at NYC Department of Design and Construction, Malena Gonzalez, Founder of NutriCount Inc.

Academia Panel

Hear and learn from a panel of accomplished women who work in academia. Learn about graduate school, research, and the path to becoming a professor.

Dr. María Luisa Parra, Senior Preceptor in Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University, Dr. Ana Villareal, Assistant Professor in Sociology at Boston University, Dr. Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor in Art and Art History at Tufts University.